Why the crazy name?

In a nutshell, Why not? There is no event like this one, so why give it a boring name? 
Actually the name has been evolving as the event has grown. 
It all started with a solo recital in 2001 by festival creator Jason Currin. It was a 
nice recital, but something was missing—Interaction. There were no other performers to 
share the experience, to collaborate and feed off of. So Jason went back to work, 
creating a larger concert and assembling an ensemble of some of the finest percussionists 
around. The event was billed as Jason Currin's Udu Xylorimba Tom Tom Gong-a-Thon and held 
at Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music. So what could possibly be more exciting than 
a percussion ensemble concert? An entire festival of percussion ensembles and the best 
percussionists around. That would be Ultra Terrific! 

A Percussion Extravaganza!!!

Whether you are a seasoned pro, student, director, parent or someone just reading the word percussion for the first time, you are bound to have an experience you won't soon forget. While it is a wonderful, but rare treat, there is nothing original about a festival of percussion ensembles. But, this is no ordinary festival. Even if you can't remember the festival's full name, you will definitely remember April 21, 2007. Throughout the day you will see, hear, and yes, touch percussion of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world. Percussion ensembles, large and small will spend the day in Fayetteville, Georgia performing on multiple stages. The festival will also host several of the industry's top players and educators in hands-on clinics geared towards players and enthusiasts of all ages. Fayette Middle School and the FMS World Percussion Ensemble host this year's festival. These 11-14 year olds have been on fire, making a name for themselves everywhere they go. Some notable performances include: Georgia Day of Percussion (Marietta, GA) Grayson High School Day of Percussion (Loganville, GA) Georgia Music Educators Association (Savannah, GA) Universal Studios (Orlando, FL) Centennial Olympic Park (Atlanta, GA) In May the ensemble heads to Williamsburg, Virginia to compete in the Fiesta-Val Percussion Ensemble Competition